Electric Grid Flylights

Electric grid flylights use UV light to attract flying insects to the unit, then use a electric grid to kill the insects, before retaining them in a catch tray to allow hygienic disposal.

Electric grid flylights are ideal for use in areas that do not require the use of glueboard flylights, such as non-food production, storage, back rooms, loading/receiving areas, interior trash dumpster rooms, etc.


Allure®Proven to have 60% greater UV light output than traditional electric grid flylights.

With an innovative, patented* open top design to maximise light output of the Synergetic® UV bulbs, this truly unique zapper flylight releases light from the back, sides and top of the unit, creating 60% more useful UV light output than traditional flylights utilising the same power UV bulbs.


ExocutorThe Exocutor brand has been a favourite with specifiers for over 20 years, selected for its longstanding reliability and proven efficacy in demanding commercial environments.


PlusZapThe second generation PlusZap™ offers a contemporary aesthetic combined with high specification features, creating a stylish electric killing grid unit ideal for commercial environments.