Decorative Flylights

Designed for use in front-of-house areas, decorative flylights discreetly protect areas which are highly visible to customers. Insects are attracted by UV light then retained with highly effective glueboards to ensure that flying insects are kept at bay.

Decorative units are ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, reception areas, food service and dining areas.

Halo Curve

Halo CurveA beautifully designed, decorative flykiller, the Halo Curve from Insect-O-Cutor is the perfect addition to front-of-house areas.The elegant shaped facade is punctuated by stylish detailing, hiding caught flies from the view of customers in restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars, and finished with cobalt grey UV stable polycarbonate edging.Easy to service, the front guard pivots to allow quick and easy tool free access to the two 15W tubes and glueboard, without the need to remove the guard during servicing.


Aura™Stylish and contemporary, the Aura™ decorative flylight is an ultra discreet unit designed for front-of-house applications.

Luralite Professional™

Luralite Professional™Developed as a highly effective but discreet solution for insect control, Luralite Professional™ is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, cafes and other front of house applications.

Luralite CentoPlus™

Luralite CentoPlus™A compact and discreet solution, Luralite CentoPlus™ is ideal for front of house areas, including bars, cafes and restaurants.


Satalite™Developed as a contemporary and discreet solution for insect control, Satalite™ is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, cafes and other front of house applications.


Nectar™Nectar™ offers a highly effective in-counter solution to flying insects, providing versatile installation and simple servicing.


Flypod®Flypod® incorporates several unique features to provide commercial effectiveness and domestic serviceability. Flypod® is designed specifically to be quick and easy to service.