Decorative Flylights - Luralite Cento Plus™

Luralite Cento Plus™, 18 watt, White

Luralite Cento Plus™, 18 watt, White

Product Code: ZL009/110v

Developed as a highly effective but discreet solution for insect control, Luralite Cento Plus™ is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, cafes and other front of house applications. Luralite Cento Plus™ is easy to service and designed to use genuineGlupac® glueboards, which incorporate UV stable dry glue for longer life and an increased catch.

- Ideal for front of house applications
- Quick and easy glueboard and bulb replacement
- High efficacy UV bulbs
- Designed for use with Glupac® glueboards with UV stabilizer
- Robust all metal construction

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Product code: ZL009/110v
Description: Luralite Cento Plus, 18 watt, White
Dimensions (inches) H x W x D: 7¾ x 17½ x 7 
Coverage (ft²): 270
Tubes: 1 x TP18
Glueboards: 1 x INL128
Weight (lbs):


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Luralite CentoPlus™

Luralite CentoPlus™A compact and discreet solution, Luralite CentoPlus™ is ideal for front of house areas, including bars, cafes and restaurants.