What is an IP rating?

An IP rating indicates the level of protection against ingress.

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating classifies protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects and water in electrical enclosures. The first digit represents ingress of solids, and the second of water.

 First digit - Solids  Second digit - Liquids
 Digit  Rating  Digit  Rating 
 X  Not classified  X  Not classified
 0  No protection  0  No protection
 1  > 50mm  1  Dripping water
 2  > 12.5mm  2  Dripping water at 15°
 3  > 2.5mm  3  Sprayed water
 4  > 1mm  4  Splashed water
 5  Dust protected  5  Water jets
 6  Dust tight  6  Powerful water jets
     7  Immersion up to 1m
     8  Immersion beyond 1m

Killing grid flykillers are generally rated as IPX4, whilst glueboards are IP65.

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