Positioning a flylight

Every application is unique, so each situation requires an individual assessment for flylight positioning, however, there are basic principals that should be followed

– Recommend enough units to cover the area to be protected
– Install units away from sources of light competition, such as windows, doors and high powered artificial light sources
– Consider sources of heat and air flow, such as heaters/AC units
– Don’t install units directly above sensitive areas, such as food preparation areas
– Glueboard units should be used in sensitive applications such as food preparation or production areas
– Consider access for installation and future servicing
– Wherever possible, flylights should be positioned at 90° to sources of natural light, such as windows, doors and skylights
– Flylights should be positioned in between potential entry points, so as to intercept flying insects before they reach sensitive areas
– Flylights should not be installed either too high or too low in the area to be protected, with an optimum height of around 6’7”